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    Some simple layouts

    Just for a sort of hybrid splash page / info page for my company. Nothing too fancy, nothing I can't make with tables, iframes, and some css. Straight text with the only images being header/logo, images included with text, and the navigation. Maybe some lines for boundaries, I dunno.

    I was playing around with the idea:

    I'd link to a website that uses something like this but I can't for the life of me think of any. Just judge the overall layout and navigation idea, not the shoddy mockup.

    The first two are actual size.
    So far I have not needed to make 31 posts thanks to the search function.

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    They all need some color. White on black is bland and boring.

    The first one, why is there white space between the navigation bar and the content? That'll just look tacky.

    I'd say if I had to pick, I'd design around the third one. However I don't know what you'd put in that box in the bottom left corner.

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