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    Emails from my domain being flagged as spam??

    Emails that my server automaticly sends out to users is getting stopped by spam filters. I took a look at why yahoo email might have marked it as spam, by taking a look at the headers and saw this:

    from ( [] (may be forged)) by (8.12.10 083104/8.12.10) with ESMTP id j684dFav005237 for <[email protected]>; Thu, 7 Jul 2005 21:39:15 -0700

    How can I correct this so it doesn't continue to happen?


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    Most likely you need to set the rdns of that ip to your domain and that should fix it. Prodigy like aol has been enforcing that alot lately. there is alot of talk in the security industry trying to enforce rdns for auth mail.
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