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    Avoid veoweb at all costs.

    I have recently switched from after being a customer there for 4+ years. I should have switched ages ago, and if it weren't for the hassle involved, especially with moving email addresses, I would have.

    My problems with veoweb were many, but here is the gist:

    a) Excessive downtime. Every four or five months my site/email would be down for up to a day. Last weekend it was down for 3 days (!). After two days, and finding no response in their forum, I went to their main page to try to find a phone number, in the vain hope that a personal call would fix what emails & support postings had not. Unfortunately, their site was down as well. Hilarious.

    After a little over two days, they responded to the posts of everyone else who had posted about their sites being down, saying "We're very sorry for the inconvenience," (which, for some of the people involved lost business. Quite the "inconvenience.") No response was given to my post, because my site was still down.

    The second my site was back up I downloaded my whole server and left.

    b) Poor support. Occasionally I did get good support, but good support should be the rule, not the exception. I would often get the runaround, such as the time I got continual messages that my server was running out of space. I had 200 megs, and used about 120 MB (including all email accounts), and so could not figure it out. I emailed them and they told me "No, you are using 220 MB." Went back, rechecked, it was 120 MB. This continued for about 3 replies before they told me that the other 100 MB was in "hidden server files." In essence, I was paying for 200 MG storage, meagre even for the time (2 years ago), and getting only half that.

    The absolute worst run of support I got from veoweb happened because, when in logging into Cpanel for my first year and a half or two years there, I would have to log in twice. Once to log in to the "ControlPanel," and once to log in to the "ContralPanel." I tried this from various computers, to make sure it wasn't something odd with my system, and my co-webmaster did the samething from his computer, and every time we would have to log into ControlPanel, then, once inside, ContralPanel.

    So emailed them, saying basically "hey, there's this spelling mistake which seems to cause me to half to log in under two different fronts, it's not a big deal, but it's kind of a pain."

    Their response was something like (and yes it was in all caps), "I CANT FIND THE PROBLEM" etc etc. All caps, barely coherent sentances. Granted, after that ticked closed (because I gave up, and put up with it for the next year until they upgraded cpanel), I never got another allcaps response again. But what kind of company hires someone that would, in essence, yell at their customers?

    c.) Poor support. I realize that I already said that, but more in my "woe to be you who so chooseth veoweb" tales, was the time I wanted spamassassin installed. They told me they couldn't on my server (which still used a horribly outdated cpanel, which had only the most basic email filtering capabilities). I asked to be moved to a different server. They said fine. I can't recall if they moved the files over or I did, but the problem was that I have given out to my friends about 10 "" email accounts. They told me they couldn't bring those to the new server, and I would have to do it myself. Unfortunately, I didn't keep records of my friends email passwords, and veoweb told me there was no way to get them. So I had to copy over all the email accounts, make up new passwords, and then wait until the friends that I no longer saw any more (because they were, say, in another country), wrote me confused emails asking why they couldn't access their emails, so that I could send them their new password. Pain in the ***.

    d) Small amount of storage. I know I mentioned it before, but 200 MB? And that was after we upgraded; we were paying $17.95/month when we started (like I said, 4 years ago), for only 100 MB. After two years, seeing that anyone who then joined veoweb recieved 200 MB for $14.95/mo, we asked to upgrade. Which, of course, resulted in another brownout of a day.

    I will stop rambling now, but to beat a dead horse, avoid veoweb!

    Oh, one last thing. After cancelling my account just now, I saw that in the members area that there was a spot to "Write a review of Veoweb!" My fingers tingled as they sensed the bile that was about to flow through them into my keyboard, and I clicked the link, ready to write my review.

    It brought me back the main page. Went back, tried again, happened again. Classy, veoweb. Very classy.

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    Nice...thanks for the detailed explaination though
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    Nicely written review.

    Have you made the switch to any specific host, if so whom?
    (I'm looking forward to an additional well written review, I guess I shouldn't get my hopes up!)

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    I switched to site5, based on and advice here. It's too early to tell (we're still in that blissful honeymoon period), but so far it's nice. It does take about 24 hours to set up the server, but it takes at least that long to switch your DNS entries over, so it hardly seems relevant to measure such things in a time frame less than days.


    Didn't recieve welcome login emails, so I had to write support. They promptly remailed them. Even so, it meant that I wasn't able to log in to my server until a day later than I would have (not because it took that long to recieve, but because I must sleep & work). From what I've seen on the site5 forum, it looks like this has happened to a couple other people. But really, they fixed it so quickly I'm really just quibbling.

    When you sign up, they have an entry to automatically transfer over files from old server. I gave them my old FTP password and login, but I still had to transfer over files myself. However, I'm guess this had more to do with veoweb failing than site5 not following through.

    Incidentally, just from browsing the support forum, I can already tell site5 is another league vs. veoweb. Veoweb's forum was full of "my site/email is down" pleas, with the more or less standard response of "try it now." site5's forums seem to be people asking questions on how to do something, on how to make more out of their webpage, how to use their server options to their utmost, not how to get the service they paid for (as in veoweb.) So if you can, before joining a new webhost, and after checking here for experiences, check out their support forum. See how quickly they respond to issues (the time-stamp is finally useful!), and what types of issues people are having. Why do I learn these things too late?

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    Great review! Glad you found a new host to meet your requirements.

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    Super review. I hope your new home serves you better!
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    thanx for that and i think to the lettle bandwith and some hosting have a very slow connection that mean if i have fast connection my sote will open like if i use dial up and this was with one host i try 2 years ago and thanx again for nice topics

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    Agree 100% about the review of Veoweb. They are the worst webhost I have ever used - and I've tried over 100.

    Looks like they've gone bust now. Hundreds of websites hosted by them have been down since yesterday and nobody is getting a response by email, live chat, PM, forums - phone line is down. See their forums.
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    $17.95 for such bad service and only 200 MB? You were getting ripped off bigtime!
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    No, he wasn't getting "ripped off". Maybe you should rethink your choice of phrasing before Veoweb opens up a can of lawsuit on you and understand that not everything conforms to the WHT Basic Plan. If he thinks he wasn't getting his money's worth, he could change hosts, which he did.

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    I'm sure they can sue me for saying one of their customers is getting ripped off....or not....that's my opinion, get used to it. If they aren't providing their customer good service, he is getting ripped off as far as I'm concerned.
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    I'm with MrWiz on this.

    I have been a customer of Veoweb for six years and will say this in public: they are the worst host I have ever come across online. I have resisted saying anything negative until today on this messageboard about Veoweb because I have been waiting until all my sites were transferred away from them, but I can't bear to hold back anymore after the way they have treated me today.

    My network of websites has been down hundreds of times over the years. I have suffered so many sleepless nights checking to see if they are up or not.

    I kept believing their promises that each 18 hour outage was the last one and the problems wouldn't occur again. I was a sucker, I admit it, for believing their promises.

    Check their messageboard for how furious their customers are with them. Hundreds of sites were down today - a regular occurance with Veoweb.

    To give you one example out of 1000 of their deceptiveness, their telephone support line has never once picked up the phone in six years. And, in those six years, I have left over 50 messages on their answering system and they have never once got back to me.

    Thankfully I have moved 95% of my sites to other webhosts. But the one major site I had remaining, I have spent 14 hours today trying to get recovered.

    Sue me Veoweb. I'm waiting for you. My name is Nadeem Azam and you have my address. I have so much evidence you have lied and deceived customers that Saddam will seem like a saint in comparison.
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