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    signing up with 2checkout

    what kind of information do they need regarding the company when you sign up? I havnt yet registered my company with the city/state...will this matter at all? Also, on a side note, whats the usualy process in setting up a company (ie DBAs, incorporating..etc)

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    You may want to rethink using 2CO. We have heard many bad things about them and they are expensive too, I think.


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    You dont need to have a registered company to get a 2co account, just pay the fee, and have a bank account to disperse the funds into (personal, or business)

    As far as incorporating, that will be hard for anyone to give you specific advise, but I highly recommend spending 150.00 or so and get an hour of a lawyers time to see what might work best for you. You can incorporate rather easily online for a few hundred dollars (depending on your states fees)

    check out for a lot of information
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    In Canada it is legal to do business under your given name. I am not sure if this applies outside of Canada or not. However, if you must sign up in advance, before you can register your company, I would suggest you enter your name as the business - otherwise hold off. Giving false information (name of unregistered company) is not going to help anyone.

    I do not see a reason for 2CheckOut requiring your business name for anything more than checking the validity of your business, as well as for record keeping. However you are better off playing it safe than you would be if you give a false alias. When in doubt, call customer service.

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