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    Question RTG Graph -> Bandwidth Usage

    I am wondering if anyone knows how to read RTG graphs.

    It has ifInOctets and ifOutOctets with Max Avg Cur. There is nothing about the total usage, but [xxx M] Is that the total M for the month?

    Do dedicated hosting companies use RTG to track bandwidth? Or there are some other means, and RTG is only used as estimate?

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    Yea the number in the brackets is the total in or out (depending on what row you are reading), you want to add those together to calculate total bandwidth. The "M" you see stands for MegaBYTES (Not confused with megabits), and can change to G or T, which stands for Gigabytes and Terabytes respectively.

    Hosting companies prefer RTG/MRTG because it monitors ALL network traffic, most bandwidth software only monitors certain ports (HTTP/FTP) so not all bandwidth is accounted for.

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