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    P2800S on offer - HURRY

    The long awaited offer for P2800S servers from The Planet is out! We have been approved as certified resellers, so you can buy them from us at a reduced price.

    Go to to order now.

    The specifications are:

    2.8 Ghz Dual Xeon
    2x73 GB SCSI HDD
    2GB RAM
    2000GB Bandwidth
    10 IP Addresses
    Linux or Win2003

    Price: Only $319/month

    Hurry up though - the stock is limited!
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    Actually it is $339 on You will see that if you go through their order screen. You only get the $289 deal if you pay a setup fee...

    As our offer is with free setup, it is a $20 saving per month (we can discuss even better prices if you buy more servers)...
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    I expected to see much better prices from Resellers. At least similar to the old pricing that TP had. All my current P2800S servers cost me $279 a month with cPanel included.

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    Yes, I can understand. However the server prices have generally increased over the last 3 months... Rumors were that TP were not making any money with the old pricing, and so they had to increase... We also pay $274 for the old deal, but are forced to go higher now too (even on net reseller pricing)...
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