I bought a 200 GB HDD for a friend and a USB 2 enclosure that works with both his Windows 2000 Machine and his Powerbook G4. Although the Powerbook recognizes FAT32 and NTFS partitions, I cannot get the Drive utility to leave the Windows partition alone when I go to partition the drive. It "sees" the NT partition but when I just try to select the free space and partition it as a MAC Partition (journaled), it wants to delete the Windows partition and partition that with the same format type.

It let me format a partition and leave free space with the MAC but when I used Partition Commander on my Windows box it didn't see the MAC partition at all and I couldn't just partition and format the free space left by the MAC.

Basically I want a 40 GB NTFS partition and a 150 GB MAC partition (journaled). What is the best way to proceed?