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    [$150] Unique Hosting Design / Coded / Free Customization

    Hello everyone! I am selling this premade hosting/business design. Please post in this topic, PM me, or email me if you would like to purchase this.
    ( senetek [at] )

    Starting price is $150.
    If I get an offer that I am content with then I will close this topic.

    You're getting:
    - HTML Design
    - PSD's
    - fonts used
    - minor customizations done for free

    Please note that this will only be sold ONCE!

    Here is the design's main page:

    Here is how a subpage would look like:

    Act fast! This could sell before you know it!

    Paypal is accepted.


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    nice design mate hope it sells fast

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    Thanks pcrepairguy!

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    yeah, i love it being simple. goodluck selling it bro!

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