Celeron 2.4
1GB memory
40GB disk
1200GB transfer
$99/mo + $0 setup
$89/mo + $49 setup

Pentium4 2.4
1GB memory
40GB disk
1500GB transfer
$115/mo + $0 setup
$105/mo + $49 setup

Want it 10Mbps unmetered? Add only $149/mo!
All servers are on 10MBps ports, add $5/mo for 100Mbps ports

CentOS, Fedora Core or Debian available

CPanel with Fantastico is $20/mo extra
DirectAdmin is $15/mo extra or $75 one-time
$100 system reinstall

24/7 ticket support, guaranteed within 30min response time, unlimited free reboots, includes our Basic Managed plan ( see http://www.dreamfusion.net/go/dedicated/management )

IRC, SPAM, questionably legal, illegal content prohibited
AUP: http://www.dreamfusion.net/go/aup
ToS: http://www.dreamfusion.net/go/terms
Transfer is counted as sum of in+out
Setup in 48 hours

Contact sales at dreamfusion.net for more information or to order. You can also try our sales live chat on your website! ( http://www.dreamfusion.net/go/home/ )