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    i need an opnion about my forum.

    Hello all..
    First- sorry about my bad english.

    I have a huge forum.. this is the sizes:
    The db (sql) is 630 MB
    1173933 Posts and 18194 Forum members.
    The files (IPB 1.3) is only 70 MB.

    My question is: i need a VPS? maybe a Dedicated server? or maybe Hosting account?
    I'm from israel, and all the hosting companys here say to me that i must a Dedicated server.

    I need your opnion, thanks a lot.

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    What's your average monthly bandwidth?

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    Originally posted by Royalty Hosting
    What's your average monthly bandwidth?
    i realy don't know my friend..
    the forum was closed about 10 months..
    i think i will need a 70-100 GB of bandwidth.

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    You could use a very large shared account or VPS, but if you could afford it I'd suggest going with a low end dedicated server.

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    The database is pretty large so I would suggest a high-end VPS or low-end dedicated server.

    Check out for VPSes.

    If you want a low-end dedicated server check out I personally recommend the Power-2 cPanel VPS from PowerVPS.


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    i would recomend a dedciated server over a VMS - better control
    i would also recommend paying a little extra and get some management and spam and anti virus protection ..
    maybe create a VIP program for members to pay you a little and pay for the server

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    Why pay a little extra for opensource?
    Although in this case: management looks as if it will be required.
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