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    liquidweb for VPS only or good for single site too?

    I am currently on Ipaska, been there for over a year, all has been well, but since feb. it has been a total frustration...I need to find a new webhost. I like what I have been reading about liquidweb, but seems like most posts are in favor of their VPS solutions, I have one ecommerce store...are they just as good with single sites (especially with a mysql dbase for my store) or shall I keep looking?

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    Hi, stiksandstones

    I have you done a search in the offers part? Im sure you can find some hot deals there. So whats the frustration all about ?

    good luck

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    frustration....been with those guys for over a year, had ZERO issues. Ever since jan/feb they have gone downhill. I mean, very slow response to trouble tickets-if any, I have 12 tickets in the trouble tickets control panel right now from over the last month that have not been answered. I have an ecomm store that the secure pages wont load, site is very slow, etc.
    When I often look at server status the server load is flashing red at 50 or above...or many other red problem dots.
    Email servers are often down...but today my site would not load at all, cpanel wouldnt load, its just SLOW, so I had to turn all my google ads off, but this happens once a week and they do not even reply to me anymore. I have offered to pay MORE money for better service all with no reply.

    I am an easy going guy, just asking for a reply and even offering more money, I dont wanna leave, its a pain. Just fix the issues....but I cant take it anymore I am now loosing customers due to their mistakes and I cant have that.

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    I see what you are talking about. I think everyone here has a day like that in there life time. But like everyone else does , pack there bags and move on. Do they do any phone support? look up to see if they have any other numbers arround and contact them.

    good luck pal

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    I have tried calling them, no answer just machine, tried faxing, tried using some of the personal emails of the tech solutions. They are also in australia which doesnt help either ( I am in USA).

    Like I said, they used to reply within 5 minutes to 2hrs, even with time difference, and problems always fixed...when we were setting up my estore the tech handled it all so fast and correctly....but now they just dissapeared....I offer to pay more coin to, just nothing back from em.

    Anyway, i wish them luck on getting back on track, but I have to find someone else.
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    you know what you have to do, if you cant contact them and they dont contact you with your problems. Im sorry to say start looking arround for another host. You dont want your clients to pack there bags on you. Also try someone out with phone support for all hours that might be your best bet for you and your clients.

    good luck

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    How many visitors does your site recieve in a day?

    A VPS can be used for a single site but you would probably be better off getting a shared hosting plan from a reputable hosting company unless your site is extremely large and recieves a large number of hits every day.

    Also, if you bought a SSL certificate, you will have to buy a new certificate as your site's IP address will be different. To my knowledge there is no way of changing the IP on an existing SSL certificate.
    ~ Nick

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    ssl certs are tied to the domain name not the ip, so that would not be a problem.

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    Productive, I am leaving, theres no doubt about it, the amount of phone calls today from customers angry because they cant browse the site was a real eye opener.

    Good to know about the SSL, I bought from comodo, not my host so I was hoping it could go where ever I go.

    My site doesnt get that much traffic really, thats why I am always blown away by the outages of my host.

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    Goodluck with all

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