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    Web Designer Needer - Partnership Available

    This design would be for a non-profit online radio station. Listed below are the features we need, and what we have in our budget:

    1. Now Playing List - This is perhaps the most important thing. We need the site to be able to show what's playing, and give a Click to Connect option, somewhat like we already have on the left hand side at

    2. Forums - PHPBB is fine, but it needs to be integrated into the site

    3. Polls - Must allows us to add, edit, and delete polls.

    4. Chat - Just needs to be a small java chat for the site, that connects visitors to our chatroom. Shouldn't spam a messege when people join our leave, but should connect automaticly in the middle of the site when someone joins so that we can chat with all users. If they are logged in it should use their username, if they are a guest it should use Guest###.

    5. News - Must allow us to add, edit, and delete news articles.

    6. Banner Exchange - Must allow us to add, edit, and delete banners in a rotation near the top.

    7. Downloads - Must allow us to add and remove downloads, where you must be registered to download.
    Optional: Shows what users have downloaded the file.

    Our budget is roughly $500.00. We can also add on to that free advertising on our site and radio streams.

    Thank you for your time!

    Nick Wrasse

    PS: A partnership position is also an option.

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    We at Arctic Web Design would be happy to work with you on this project. All the features that you listed should be fairly easy to incorporate into the site for the $500 price you listed.

    Please visit our web site at and contact us to get started!



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    Position filled

    Thank you for all the offers!

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