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    Liquid Web Inc. Adds OC12 connectivity with AT&T

    July 7, 2005
    Liquid Web Inc. Adds OC12 connectivity with AT&T

    Web Hosting and Managed Dedicated Server provider Liquid Web Inc. announced on Thursday that it had completed connectivity with AT&T providing additional internet capacity to it's Lansing, MI datacenter.

    "The decision to select AT&T as our next premium bandwidth provider represents what we consider to be a continued dedicated to providing the best network connectivity and reliability possible." said Matthew Hill, CEO of Liquid Web. "Our goal is to provide truly exceptional service throughout every product, the performance of our network exists at the absolute core of doing so. Liquid Web will continue to select only the highest quality Tier-1 bandwidth available as we continue to expand."

    AT&T currently operates the second largest global IP network network with over 1,800 direct peers. AT&T is also the sole bandwidth provider for the Comcast broadband market, giving Liquid Web nearly direct connectivity to Comcast subscribers. The largest IP network is MCI/UUnet, with 2,200 peers, who Liquid Web also has direct connectivity with, as well as Savvis Communications.
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