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Thread: choosing a DC

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    choosing a DC

    I have a scheduled appointment to visit a a DC that I would like to use as main colocation facility.

    In your opinion, which would be the top 10 questions to ask a provider to evaluate their DC?

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    If you are not planning to maintain your servers yourself, you should seek details of their maintenance contract.
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    Originally posted by JHosts
    1. Security
    2. Connectivity
    3. Redundancy
    4. Infrastructure
    5. Power
    6. Cost
    7. Solutions
    8. Features
    9. (not something you should ask them, but look at location)
    10. Staffing

    EDIT: That list was not made in any particular order.
    I'm pretty sure this was covered in infrastructure, but, temperature is definitly something you should look at.

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    remote hands is another and the price they will charge!

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