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    Not sure where to start...

    Hi everyone,
    Just joined the forums because I figure the people here can help me out a lot. I did some searching and still couldn't really figure out how to start. Basically, I just want to develop sites and run them from my own server from home (my hobby), I don't want to be a reseller. Please forgive my ignorance but tell me if I'm on the right track or if everything below completely does not belong I want to be a dedicated server host for my own websites only..?

    Just to start, can I use a simple cable connection in the beginning? (if it's less than 20 people actually looking at the sites)

    I was looking at some Dell Servers, but I'm unsure exactly what is the most reliable and easy use for administration.

    As for the control panel, I was going to go with a license.

    MS Windows Server 2003 SP1, or R2 when it comes out.

    Other than that, where would I get a SSL certificate? (not even sure exactly what this is)

    Where would I go to register my domain names?

    The media on the websites will be written articles, photos, and mpegs.

    how would I control security for protecting my server? Does the MS Windows Server come with software protection upon purchase and updating is simple like patching?

    How does streaming video work?

    I'm sorry for all the questions, but I don't really have a clue where to start..Thanks

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    Considering that you are starting everything from ground level, I would recommand you to develop your website and get it hosted by a third party. It will save you a lot of money and time. There are tuns of free web hosting offers for small websites. Do you reasearch.

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    Thanks, but I don't want to be hosted. If I have the time I might as well do this myself. Is this on the right track?

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    cPanel does not support windows at this point. It is still in development.

    Other than that, I know nothing of windows so I cannot help
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    thanks for the you can see I'm pretty clueless about this..What would anyone recommend?

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    Just IMHO
    Dont try to host your files from home.DC's are made for this purpose .
    If you want to be independant(as much as you can) do a search here,find a company who can provide the unmanaged server that can fit your needs better.
    If you want windows then or you get your own license and ask for the server to be loaded with it or you get it with windows on it and pay a monthly fee.Cpanel dont work on windows,so get maybe PLESK instead.
    If you try to host a decent site from home you will be like the first one who really can do it succesfully.
    You can get a ssl certificate most likely from the same place you get your domain.
    Best bet:get a managed server and focus on your site.
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    ok, I'm getting discouraged you're telling me no one has been able to host their own sites from home...? Why is that?

    Isn't there a way for me to just buy the server and necessary equipment to practice at home..?

    Let me see if I got this right... these web hosts are leasing space from managed server companies to post their client's websites or resell the space they're leasing?

    So the downfalls to trying to run your own server are that the connection (i.e. T1) is such an expensive monthly cost and the time it takes to administrate the server itself is too demanding?

    i'm getting lost...

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    shure. Get t1-t3 connection. And start hosting lol. Short of that You cant really host a site on a cable or dsl connection.

    Its not plausible at all. Thats the joy of DC's they buy the expensive lines. and you rent the ablility to have a server hooked up to it. I am not saying it cannot be done from home. But it will not be worth your time or money. Go to a DC.


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    Hosting can be a hobby ...
    Trying to reinvent the cold water is another hobby..............
    Imho,you will find cold water pretty easy.Like as easy as finding a reliable provider here

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    Don't get freaked out by these guys. They probably think you're going to have 20 people looking at your site at the same time, and need 99.999% uptime.

    Plenty of people have hobby websites running on their DSL or cable networks just fine.

    Presumably, you have multiple machines at home now, and a router/firewall.

    Start by setting up IIS on one of your boxes and viewing your site from other machines inside your network.

    When you've got that working, set up your firewall to allow port 80 connections to go to that machine. Voila, you're on the net.

    You should not put the machine in the DMZ, unless you really know how to lock down a WIndows machine. You should make sure you have all the Windows updates applied, since an unpatched IIS can be remotely compromized.

    You probably don't need an SSL certificate unless you have data you want kept encrypted in transit.

    Have fun!

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    I agree, hosting from home as a business is not the best practice, however as you have stated that you want a hobby DSL and Cable can and do work just fine for hobbies. It seems that your leaning towards Windows; a great site "hosted on a DSL line" is Brian has some great information on serving from your home line.


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    check the TOS of your cable provider, see if they are blocking port 80 and allow for you to host without havinga business account. What alot of people do is have a development box at home, and then have a low cost hosting package like $5 to $6 a month maybe more maybe less. Test out your stuff on your development box and then upload it to your site.

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    I would reccomend colocating your server from a proper datacenter. Running from home is not a good idea at all, you will never get enough uplink bandwidth without spending thousands of dollars a month vs a few hundred (at the most) from a colocation provider or datacenter.
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