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Thread: domain hijack

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    domain hijack

    Has this happened to anyone else and what can we do about it?

    Our webhost decided to use our domain name and forward it to a porn site.

    We were in the process of changing hosts so let our account expire, though our domain was still pointing to the hosts name servers. One day after the account expired insted of getting a page not found error you were presented with a porn page.

    Thankfully now it is just showing our registras page.

    Is there anything we can do about this?

    I will post the name of the company if i am allowed by the rules.

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    The moment your domain expires it ceases to belong to you.

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    the domain hadn't expired, it is still owned by us. The registra is a completely different company. The domain name was just pointing to the name servers of the web hosting comapny. The company, as far as i can tell, had actively added a CNANE entry for our domain and pointed it to a different address.

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    are you able to login to the domain registrar, if so change the nameservers to your server and also take the CName off.
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    why can you not go to your registra and point it elsewhere yourself? or point it "nowhere" for that matter.

    Am I missing something?

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    I think what he is trying to say is that the hosting account was redirected before the domain name was repointed to the new hosts server. Thats my best guess though, maybe I read it wrong too.

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    wow the replys are fast here.

    I'm waiting for the guy with the login details to get back to me so I can change the name server details. Although this will take time to propagate.

    I wasn't really looking for how to sort it out technicaly. Does no one think this is completely imoral practice for a company to undertake? If I had been hosting a company site and this happend my reputation and business would be down the drain.

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    Oh, yes agree 100% if thats the case thats truly tasteless indeed..

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    Yes, definately a horrible thing to do and I'm certain people here would appreciate knowing who the host is so they can avoid them.

    The good news is that propagation on .com and .net domains is instant now, so there won't be much waiting once you do get the nameservers changed.
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    I don't understand why anyone would do that, perhaps it was just to get back at you for not renewing your hosting? A little joke?
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    I imagine it's quite a nice money earner. Any trafic meant for our site goes to the porn site. The host probably does quite well out of it.

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    Orrrr they put a page redirect feature in and haven't touched your domain settings at all.

    *writes down this idea*
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    What's the domain?
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    If a domain is in it's redemption period, the former owner can still renew it, even if this wasn't the case from what I understood.

    If the domain has quite some traffic and hence value for you, it might be a good idea to take the case up to WIPO. If you win the case, you'll be entitled to punitive damages. Most likely the host will be forced to shut down. Next time be more careful when chosing a host
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    That's just wrong. I'm sure you can send them some BBB papers and give them a little scare?

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    Did the DNS actually change? Or did the content simply swap? More often than not, this is the result of a misconfigured web server as opposed to anything malicious.

    Apaches uses the last configured VirtualHost block as it's default in a lot of cases. Chances are you cancelled and they removed your VirtualHost block, but they didn't touch your DNS. The last configured VirtualHost on their system happened to be a porn site. Your old configuration is no longer returned by Apache's VirtualHost lookup routines, so the default is... which in this case, happened to be a porn site.

    Could have just as easily been Mom's Cookies, the Buffalo Bills, or KUPD Phoenix.
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  17. You could report it to the BBB but I doubt anything would come out of it.

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