This statements represent a conclusion regarding the use of PaySat for receiving Credit Card payments, whether you are a business or just an individual.

Unfortunately, our experiences are NOT good, currently we haven't loose any money as we have issues the refunds in the right time and routed the clients through another system, which at thist time I find it much more reliable.

Everything is okay regarding implementation of the system, is not hard and is very flexible to integrate the "gateway" with your existing structures such a shopping cart or simple payment pages.

Also the reporting of the orders is quite satisfactory, giving enough details about the buyer.

However, the problems starts with their amateurish way to handle different things, for instance: Customer Support, Website.

- Customer Support
While online customer support is best option from what they have, the e-mail customer support is terrible, the answers not being the worse possible but the time it takes to answer to one of your questions is tremendous, a few days roughly and regularly. What gave me suspicion reasons is that when I send an e-mail I get notified when it has been read. Guess what, I have gotten the notification in same day but the answer after 2-4 days, and to giev the answer was definitely not required to do too much research, were questions about use of some of their services which is not covered by FAQ.

- Website
The website, surprisingly I found out someday that it was offline, was about to bill a client and ...
Also, they sent me someday an e-mail telling me to fill a small form in order to confirm the payment, of course I made sure that is not some kind of other fish, however it were not asking any password and found out that the link was directed to local website .. like they host it in the kitchen

They have a big problem which probably will make them last a few months more, if they don't fix it. For example, if a client pays, your order is getting authorized, that doesn't mean that you have any money yet. Unfortunately nobody knows how much an order CAPTURING (finalizing) takes and when you start ask questions you are being told that "we are into protecting the interest of our merchants from fraud etc". Nobody tells anywhere some specific time it can take, so this means that they can keep the money 2 weeks (invest, spend, or whatever)

This system is as bad as it can be especially when you are selling services and digital goods. I have complained that the capturing takes too long and if for some reason the order is not captured, I already deliver the goods (logos) and that means I can work for free... to which I got the same typical kind of answer that this is for my best protection.

Now, they have an initial period of time you have to be registered in order to have wire transfers enabled, the period of time is 6 weeks. This is what you are being told. However, I have received an e-mail, I will let you judge how good your business would go by using PaySat:

Dear Merchant,
Please accept our sincere apologizes, regarding the delay of your wire transfer.
The delay is caused by new compliance regulations from credit card companies and international banking systems.
The regulations primarily aim to protect your money and rights against fraudulent attempts, especially after the recent attacks in e-business world.
The new rules are as follows:
The credit card information or a clear statement of the merchant's bank account containing name and address, and a clear scan of his ID or passport must be present to authorize your identity.( please send to [email protected], if you didn't already).

Wire transfers will include only orders that passed 6 weeks in the system. Thus avoiding chargeback problems and protecting your credibility.
We only aim to protect your interests and provide you with the safest e-payment service; we sincerely hope you help us with your understanding and co-operation.
PaySat Inc. Operations Management
"Wire transfers will include only orders that passed 6 weeks in the system." That is, they play with your money for 1 month and half, huge time for the amount of money being moved in-out of the system!

So, if you are planning to not loose money please use some other systems, like someone said, with some history and eventualy good reviews from users.

Thank you for reading and hope that you find this useful and apologise if you find any spelling mistakes.

Mugurel A. Dragusin

Please kindly as a business or individual, post your experience with PaySat (good or bad) so others will know.