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    [ For Sale ] AWESOME Gaming Layout!!!

    The following layout is up for sale:

    - 1 .psd file of the header
    - 4 .psd files of the layout itself, as well as the sliced version
    - fully coded layout in HTML (includes layout.html file, as well as all images used to construct the layout)
    - full rights to the design
    - any minor modifications needed

    Payment Details:
    - via PayPal
    - starting bid of $50 USD (increments of $5 USD or more)

    Advertised At:
    - NamePros
    - SitePoint
    - Vgamin

    If you have any quesions, reply here or PM me.

    Thanks in advance.
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    very nice design, can't beat that price

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    Originally posted by mp.Designs
    very nice design, can't beat that price
    Thanks, still available.

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