Ok, I've been working with webpages for almost six years now and I've never seen this before. But for some reason, some people are able to access this domain while others cannot.

I would post the URL, but I'm too new of a user.

I called Yahoo, my webhosting provider, and they told me if was not a problem on their end because whenever they attempted to access the webpage with one of their computers, it loaded. They suggested that it might be because of the browser's cache and cookies, or firewalls and pop-up blocks, but none of that is the reason. Half of the people that I've asked to view the webpage are unable to even access it, and I don't understand why.

The only reason I can come to something about the user's computer, since I don't think it's a browser compatibility issue, or an os compatibility issue.

Can anyone give me reason as to why this is happening, and can you tell me if you're able to view the page?

Thank you for your time.