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Thread: PayPal Pro?

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    PayPal Pro?

    Anyone have suggestion about PayPal Pro?, it is resaonable, and looks like it's only available in US, i am at Canada, is it possible to open a USD account in Canada then to have PayPal Pro services?


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    where do I get info on paypal pro?

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    It seems to be better than a regular account but it will have a monthly fee of around 20 bucks
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    It seems that it's pretty much just like a PayPal business account except that PayPal remains hidden. It's basically a merchant account.

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    PayPal remains hidden ? are you sure ? I think we have to put paypal logo etc...
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    Your customers do not have to use PayPal if they don't want to. You can accept credit card payments without them having a PayPal account or any sort of connection to PayPal. However, PayPal works as your credit card processor with this system. I'm considering it for once we complete ASObill, so I can use it and get consistent information on my merchant account and roll everything together as one.

    Despite all the horror stories, I've had my PayPal account for years now, done auctions (selling and buying), run a business that accepts it, and used it all over the place without a single hitch. I swear by them, and with this sort of thing they don't have room to freeze accounts...
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    they will over ebay, but that makes sence becuase they are the same company.

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    well it would be good if it wasn't $20 a month... I havnt looked but the only thing I would want is to be able to do subscriptions without having the customer be a paypal member...

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    Originally posted by
    PayPal remains hidden ? are you sure ? I think we have to put paypal logo etc...
    You are required to offer an Express Checkout option for customers who want to log in to PayPal to pay, but for those who choose to pay with a credit card on your website through the Direct Payment API, PayPal remains hidden. They can stay on your website for the entire purchase process, and credit card statement will show your name, not PayPal.

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    kinda expensive for paypal pro
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    I thought I might chime in and clear up some misconceptions about Paypal Pro. Obviously, our ModernBill product has an interest in integrating with as many popular processors as possible. To this end we have spent a lot of time reviewing Paypal Pro. I have personally spent an hour discussing this solution with Paypal support, so I believe the information I am about to state is 100% true.

    First, Paypal Pro is a great step toward hiding Paypal's presence in the payment process. As you may know, in all other Paypal transactions, you must kick the client to a paypal payment page to make payment. The concept of the Paypal Pro product is to allow these payments to be made through an API. However, their new solution will not be a good fit for the hosting industry.

    Keep in mind that Paypal is still a third party processor. It is still subject to the most restrictive rules that Visa and Mastercard can impose. One of these restrictions is that in their user agreement, there is a specific prohibition on the user storing the customer's credit card info in any way. This will obviously prevent automated recurring billing in any way as you will not have the cc info stored for the monthly batch.

    To enforce this rule in the API setting, the CVV2 info must be passed in on every single order. It is not optional. This very likely will also mean that many orders from countries where no cvv2 info is put on the card will fail for lack of cvv2.

    Now some of you will say "then store the cvv2 info." Please note that this is specifically prohibited in all Visa and Mastercard regulations. Doing so can make you to open to great liability for breach of contract from them, not to mention the great risk you would be placing the customer's info in. The cvv2 info is often the last defense against identity theft.

    None of this would be a great problem if Paypal Pro supported subscription billing, but it doesn't. The Paypal Pro system is only useful for one-time charges like those made to a shopping cart for goods. Hosting, ISP services, domains, and ssl certs all require recurring billing to be effective.

    I hope this clears some of the use issues.
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    You might have difficulty getting PayPal to fund to a USD bank account in Canada due to the difficulty of cross-border ACH / EFT. More likely, you would need to pop over the border and open a US bank account and have PayPal settle there.
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