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    Time it takes for DNS Propergation of Various TLD

    My Primary Name Server is associated with the domain name of my business which has a country based TLD. I have just moved from one server to another, and as some others have also atested, the DNS propergation can take up to 5 days, which it did.

    But my hosting supplier told me that DNS propergation from .com,.net, etc TLD only takes between 15minutes to an hour.

    Is this similar to others experience?


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    Yes, nowadays .com .net propagates real fast. No doubt on that

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    With Godaddy, Directi and Netsol, I have noticed it anywhere from 5 minutes to 4 hours. With Yahoo the other day, it took about 24 hours.

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    It depends when the regestrar submits the changes.

    Enom are very good with updates (most taking 5 mins).

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