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    Help needed:How can I transfer registrar to Yahoo Domains(already purchased, ARRGHH!)


    Since my domains expiration date comes(03-Aug-2005,) so I've purchased Yahoo's domain service for 5 years. Anyway, it seems it's time to transfer registrar from my previous registrar (Network Solutions) to MelbourneIT, but I cannot find how to transfer registrar, nor Whois search result says expiration date is not extended... it's about 24 hours elapsed since purchased Yahoo domain service.

    What should I do? Please Help me!!!

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    I did not really get. Yahoo is using Melbourne IT Reseller Program. Do you want to transfer all your domain names to Yahoo?
    Imagination is more important than knowledge.

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    Well, I thought I should transfer my registrar to MelbourneIT since I purchased Yahoo's domain service... Can I explain my situation so could you please give any advice to me?

    1. I have one domain that expires Aug. 03 2005.
    2. So I purchased Yahoo's domain service, 5 years.
    3. Over 24 hours elapsed, InterNIC's WHOIS result says expiration date is Aug. 03 2005 -- same as above.
    4. Even MelbourneIT's WHOIS ( result says my domain is not registered through Melbourne IT.

    So I've thought I should transfer registrar... to make expiration date extended to Aug. 03 2010.

    Did I think wrong?

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    With the Registrar you mean Domain name I presume. As far as there is no such thing as Registrar transfer. You can transfer the domain name.

    If you purchased a domain name at yahoo for 5 years, that has nothing to do with your other domain name which expires in August.

    If you want to transfer your domain name (which expires in august) to Yahoo, you should contact them regarding the issue to find out if they allow Domain name transfers.

    I am sorry but I still do not understand exactly what you want. Probably too tired today
    Imagination is more important than knowledge.

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    Follow this step by step:

    1. Log inside your domain account and unlock it first.

    2. Make sure email address inside your account is active. Update
    it if you have to, follow your provider's instructions or face delays.

    3. Wait roughly 12-24 hours and check the WHOIS. Once status
    has changed from "Registrar-Lock" to "Active", start the transfer
    with your gaining registrar.

    4. Follow the gaining registrar's instructions on how to confirm it
    and fully comply.

    5. Once confirmed with the gaining registrar, wait for auth email
    from the losing registrar.

    6. Once you get it, follow the instructions on how to confirm it and
    fully comply as well.

    In netsol's case, I think they'll send you a link to confirm it. Make
    sure you get it.

    However, assuming the domain's unlocked, they should still let it
    go 5 days after they send the auth email.


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    Thanks maxo & davezan for your reply.

    Anyway Yahoo doesn't give any common transfer process you described... When I gave my domain name to Yahoo Domains website, their website says:

    *This is NOT a registrar transfer. Your domain name registration remains with your current registrar and you are responsible for all ongoing domain name registration/renewal fees.
    Then what should I do? Should I make my previous registrar (Network Solutions) release my domain name?

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    Transfer to Yahoo!

    AFAIK, you cannot transfer a domain to Yahoo! but only register a new one there. As others have pointed out, Yahoo! is a reseller for Melbourne IT.

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    Re: Transfer to Yahoo!

    Originally posted by wbengal
    AFAIK, you cannot transfer a domain to Yahoo! but only register a new one there. As others have pointed out, Yahoo! is a reseller for Melbourne IT.
    thats true they dont allow transfers

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    telecafe, if your goal is to simply move your domain away from its
    current registrar, then follow the steps I outlined. But transferring
    it to Yahoo! might not be possible, as the others say, because
    they're actually a reseller for an actual registrar, Melbourne IT.

    Why do you want to transfer it to Yahoo, anyway? Price? Hosting?

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    Oh I see... I should cancel Yahoo's Domain Services and get any other registrar who gets transfer...

    davezan, there's no special reason for choosing Yahoo. I've just believed their name value and purchased their service, while at that time I never know there exists forums like WebHostingTalk...

    Thanks wbengal, D4C and davezan for your post.

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    Originally posted by davezan
    Why do you want to transfer it to Yahoo, anyway? Price? Hosting?
    That's a real head scratcher. It is more common to see people wanting to transfer away from Yahoo. Well, maybe if Yahoo/MelbourneIT make it an ordeal to transfer to them, it will be good practice for being registered with them.

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    If you have a domain name registered with a company other than yahoo, you cannot transfer the registration to yahoo, see:

    domain redelegation

    See here also.

    Maybe you should renew your domain for a year with the company it is registered with now, and change the nameservers to Yahoo.

    See here

    I had my domain registered at Yahoo, but transferred it away from them, although I keep Yahoo as my hoster, I like their hosting.

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