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    A good webhost ?

    Anyone know a good webhosting company?

    I need it to have atleast somewhat big storage space and a somewhat big bandwith. I will use it for personal stuff and I'll also upload stuff (theyr somewhat big sizes) to share to other people..

    edit: Oh and I want it to support a small forum.

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    You should request a host quote or simply take a look at the Offers Forum since companies aren't allowed to advertise their own products.

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    I am also in search of a good company to host my 15 websites.

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    What do you consider as "big storage space and a somewhat big bandwith"?? Do you have any other requirements?

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    There are a lot of good hosts.

    You may want to try Host Voice.
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    I am looking for good hosting myself...

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    Yeah, I'm looking for one too. I suggest you should outline your needs better, some approximate numbers and features, as well as your pricing ballpark wouldn't hurt.

    Royalty Hosting,

    what's a host quote and how can one submit it?

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    Originally posted by pawas
    I am also in search of a good company to host my 15 websites.
    You should try for a host who allow add-on domains or a decent reseller account will be just fine. | Connectivity. Stability. Reliability.
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    try they provide excellent support

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    Originally posted by ohs12591
    try they provide excellent support
    Can you let us know what site you're hosting with them, please?
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