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    Need Dedicated Help

    I am planning to rent a new dedicated server with specs:
    Dual Xeon or Dual Opteron
    2GB ECC Ram
    2 x 160GB SATA(or 2 x 120GB SATA should be fine)
    WHM/CPanel with Fantastico
    at least 2000GB transfer
    100MBps connection
    Self-Manged or Semi-Managed or Managed
    Fast Support and Reliable
    +Urchin Stats
    +Network Backup

    Shoule provide 1 hosting account for me to try upload and download speed in 1 week because last time i got bad experience with Sagonet(My client have problem with Upload)

    I search in WHT and have two options is and
    They are quite famous and good reputation here but both also have negative feedback.
    I am checking on them and below is my opinions:
    +Sales support always off,never see them online.
    +can not find where is tech support because not yet their customer,i also added Jay ICQ but can only chat 1 time with him.
    +Live Sales support seldom online,email them and get response after 3 hours ,but Live tech support always there(+++)
    +ICQ,MSN,YIM,AIM never online?why?

    Which one should i choose?
    I am also looking at
    You guys are experts here,can give me advice?
    I am currently using server,their network and support is very good but their cost is quite high if pay monthly so i have to move.

    Thank yyou

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    Hello, vnsg

    Have you done a search on them here. Im sure that you can find info on thire serveices . Buy the way try one with at least 24/7 Phone support and test ther support some dont stand by their phone support.

    Good luck

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