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    1st Time poster need some advice

    Hi Guys,

    My buddy recommeneded i try here, i usually use lycos to host Domains that i use as i like their control panel etc.

    however I don't have the budget for that on this small project, my under 16's footy team is merging into a club so i have offereded to make a website to hold all our fixtures/results and a forum etc, i was hoping to buy the Domain name and then say pay up to 20 for the year in hosting,

    Ideally I need:

    20 email addresses
    about 100mb Space - may go up if we start to host pictures.
    some sort of webased mail client
    something that is easly upgradedable should the site take off.

    any ideas i have read thru a few adverts here but none strike me,


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    Welcome RegularHero!

    There are tons of reputable web hosts here as well as some bad seeds; basically if you have to ask yourself "is it too good to be true?" then it probably is (i.e., ridiculously generous offers for ridiculously low prices).

    Good luck in your search!
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    Welcome to WHT

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