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    Looking for a script..


    I just recently bought a domain, and wish to develop it. I have some things i want to have on it in mind, and ill look at hotscripts later.

    Im not sure how to explain it, but scripts similar to php-nuke. Im willing to pay for it, but not too much.

    Similar as in, post news, post articles, user registration, user submit articles, downloads etc.

    I know im being very "broad' but any suggestions would be great.


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    Is there a reason why you won't use php-nuke?

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    Mambo? (there's a paid commercial version also) - Your Chinese Radio Online!

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    I started with php-nuke, then went over to postnuke, then mambo - which i really recommend, so much nicer than phpnuke, and it's free

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    mambo is good, steep learning curve.
    drupal is also good
    your just looking for a CMS and there are lots of free and paid options

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    I MUST say MAMBO.
    Definitely MAMBO.
    I tried several free cms, but the best for me is MAMBO.

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    Subdreamer looks nice - but that price was more then i expected.

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    Can i see a link to the paid mambo? I dont see it on their site.

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    Anyone else? Looking for a more basic one, but with registration, articles, downloads etc.

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    I'd have to suggest Mambo again for what you like.

    Installing new components (liek download module etc) is as easy as uploading a ZIP - mambo does the rest

    The admin interface is second to none

    And you'll learn a hell of a lot!

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    Take a look at Im not affiliated with this site, but its an excellent help when it comes to picking a CMS solution. I think they have a demo for pretty much every OSS CMS out there.

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