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    Need info on nice dedicated server

    I need a Athlon XP 2200+ or P4 2GHz+, 1GB ram, 80GB HD SATA or less , 1GB transfer, 100mbit port, windows. looking to spend $80-$100/Mo.unmanaged is fine um....thats it i think.

    - Early Thanks

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    Go to They have a few servers under $100 that are a little more powerful. They are a great provider.

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    hi, viceprez

    Its also good to get it fully managed if you can afford it and dont have much expierince with dedicated servers or linux /windows server in genaral.

    Good luck

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    I agree, LT should be nice solution for you. You can upgrade to 100mbit port for extra $10/month
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    If you go to and not (both are layeredtech sites). Instead of seeing the special offer, on a dual Opteron server. You see a different server, in the specials box. It looks like, it could be ideal for what you need. And a good price too.

    Intel Pentium 4 2.8GHz, 2 x 80GB IDE Hard Drive, 1024MB RAM, Bandwidth: 1000GB, IP Addresses: 8 (5 usable), Private VLAN, Basic Resource Monitoring, 100% Self Managed and Dedicated and either FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Linux orWindows.

    Monthly Fee Options:
    $99.00 (FREE SETUP)

    Like already mentioned in a previous post, you have to pay $10 p/m extra for a 100mbit port.

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    I believe that's the old site For more special offers, you can go to their forums

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