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    Throttled server question/and reseller options

    Hi folks,

    I'm new here, I'm 1st and foremost a designer. And have been poking around digging up info on reseller accounts so I can offer a more professional hosting service to my customers. I'm not looking to build a massive client list, just to take care of a select few as I continue to grow my business in other areas.

    I'm wondering if anyone can shed some light on an issue I have with one of my current hosts.

    But first here's my story and a miserable one at that. I started my business roughly 4 years ago. With what was as far as I was concerned a great host, "primenethosting". I was wrong. Even though for as long as a year I never had issue with them, in the end the host simply disappeared with my sites as well. So I obtained another thinking that the odds of me getting more sour grapes was slim. I was wrong. I chose WHNhosting now know as AKhosting (I've since learned that "Gary" is very well known here, and I can say that's no surprise) After piles of downtime with out any kind of real answers and tons of problems with their SMTP server (to which they answered "nothings wrong"). I had to realize that If they don't believe anything is wrong then I hafto assume it will never be fixed. So about 6 months ago I attempted to cancel and move but they billed me anyways. Not wanting to deal with that issue I just kept it. So I now have 2 hosts, the one I tried to cancel and the one I purchased to move too. I found a local company that offered hosting figuring that if I had issue with the new company at least I could personally go to that individuals house/place of business which might produce results, or at the very least I can size that person up personally and see who it is I'm dealing with. I'm an ex collection officer so "field calls" and court preceding were my specialty. I have no problem with going to someone's house to address a problem when phone calls and e-mails are unreturned.

    Anyways thinking that I had a new host, and that he was local, I figured I'd be allset. Wrong again. I will say this in my current hosts defense, he's a really nice guy when he's selling you something, but obviously a re-seller that doesn't have physical access to the servers and seeming no knowledge of what he's doing (either that or he's just plain lying to me, read on).

    I run a small media studio and shortly after establishing my account with the new host it became obvious that there was some kind of problem with the server. When uploading anything over 5 meg in size the upload speed drops dramatically from 47-50 kb to 5kb <--the 5kb is an average, it actually stops every 30 seconds or so which is the reason for this average. (being a media studio I upload media clips ranging from short 3d animations, scattered video tutorials, larger sized .jpg's and audio files, I specifically asked him if this would be an issue and was told "No upload all the videos and mp3's you want". (I pay annually, is a 200.00 dollar sign up that hard to resist? )

    Anyways when I asked about the issue the first time, I was told that nothing is wrong and they don't "throttle" any upload speeds in any way. So I said to myself "Ok he's a reseller and most likely doesn't even know that his hosting service is currently doing something to the server. I'll give it a few days and speeds will probably get back to normal." Wrong once again. So I called again and he told me it must be the path I'm using to connect, to which I politely suggested that the odds of me using the same path every time is null.... no chance in hell I'm taking the same routers in every time. (now I'm thinking is this guy joking?), He then says to me that maybe some kids are playing online games in my neighborhood and broadband speeds suffer greatly under those circumstances. (at this point I realized this host was a huge mistake) So I tell him I understand the concept he's trying to convey but that what he is suggesting is just way too extreme and defiantly not the issue (still trying to be polite that is). I told him he was putting way to much weight into that theory. So he then tells me to ping the server his hosting site resides on. So for giggles I do. Comes back something like 10ms. He says "See the speed is fine!", I then smash my face on the desk and inform him that its great that I have a nice ping to his site, but my concern is "My site" which resided on a totally different server. (Now its confirmed he's totally clueless or a bold faced swindler/liar). So we go back and forth for while, each time I politely point out the flaw in his logic/lies but never the less that's his story and he's sticking to it.

    Point being I'm wondering what it is that's happening on the other end. It's been months and at this point I have been basically waiting and hoping that "he" will upgrade his own account, at which point maybe I'll get to see some normal transfer rates. wrong once again.

    I wouldn't mind so much, but he told me "Media files were not an issue". I'm thinking my upload speed has been throttled in some fashion to discourage me of course from uploading the media that he said would not be a problem..

    And if anyone knows where I can get an "Honest" reseller account for $120 a year, 5 to 10 urls, mysql, php, cpanel/whm, nameserver, 1000 to 2000mb, 20gig transfer, a shopping cart or 2, and smtp. Please don't hesitate to let me know. Preferably from someone who's been around awhile and has a good name on this very forum. I don't mean to sound arrogant but I won't be signing up with anyone who has 1 post to their name. I don't want to become part of the train wreck that many new and exited resellers seem to leave behind. I want a reseller account so that when the opportunity arises I can simply set up new customers. As opposed to continuing to add new "add-on" domains. I figure If I'm gonna continue to offer hosting I might as well get my self setup in such a way that I can expand on that end of the business should I find it's doing well.

    My site only sees roughly 1 gig transfer a month. With an average of 200 unique visitors. So It's not as if I'm flooding a server with tons of traffic and long downloads. I would like to expand on the hosting side of my business but don't dare to drag my personal customers with me into what seems to always end up being a problematic relationship with a host.
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    I doubt there is a throttle in place, but your symptoms are similiar to an issue I had with a previous host. At that time I used Frontpage and published the site using the FP extentions. Small updates went fine. Anytime I had large files in the update things would slow down and grind to a halt, eventually FP would time out. That host also blamed my connection and ISP. It ended up being due to their server being so overloaded.
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    Thanks for the reply trau,

    I dont use front page, my site is pretty much 100% Flash which amounts to the index.html containing only the code required to house my flash file.

    No extensions of anykind. But I have entertained the idea that the server is oversold and is in some way "toggling" between connected users. Almost seems if everyone is taking turns with the bandwith if thats possible. But it's so consistant that it seems like that wouldnt be the case. I would expect that at somepoint I would be able to hit a reasonable speed depending on the traffic at the time.

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    Capping bandwidth like that is shady. I'd watch out.
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    Re: Throttled server question/and reseller options

    Originally posted by RazzBlade
    And if anyone knows where I can get an "Honest" reseller account for $120 a year, 5 to 10 urls, mysql, php, cpanel/whm, nameserver, 1000 to 2000mb, 20gig transfer, a shopping cart or 2, and smtp.
    Just make sure you do not pay on a yearly basis, even though there are discounts offered. Many people make the same mistake, pay by the year and get locked in to bad service for a year. - Low cost multi domain hosting solutions. [Legal adult content friendly]
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    If I might also pose a question to the forum regarding cpanel and WHm and number of the other utilities commonly offered by mainstream hosts.

    Given that 80% of the utilities supplied by these hosts are opensource applications, (I assume that because cpanel is WHm is most likely as well, I have never checked) and essentially "freeware" along with the forums boards offered and most of the shopping carts etc.

    What's to stop one who has an account that allows for "add on domains" from simply going to sourceforge, getting WHm and installing it them themselves?

    I does bother me "slightly" that hosts suggest in their "sales pitch" that these items are a "100 to 200 dollar a month "value" offered by them for free. Given that no matter how you twist it the value of cpanel in dollars is $0.00 thanks to the opensource community. Same with "agora", "osComerece", "awstats", "webalizer" etc. (could be incorrect on some of these please correct me if so).

    That's not to say that it isn't valuable to the customer by any means, but to put a dollar amount on it, and suggest that you the host are generously providing it, at some out of pocket expense Is a bit to the left of the truth.

    I've even commonly seen "FREE MERCHANT ACCOUNTS!" being offered as part of a package only to find out that is a pay pal account, Don't most people at this point in the "internet's development" understand that you can give yourself your own free pay-pal account regardless of weather your host offers it or not? And that thats not a reason to purchace?

    hmm...I suppose I can answer my own question by saying that if I installed WHm myself without the knowlege of the host, I could expect to be suspended. These days most TOS pretty much state "we do what ever we want, when ever we want, to whom ever we want, under whatever circumstances we choose." which makes thier validity questionable to say the least.

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    First, cPanel isn't FREE...far from it. for your reference.

    WHM is part of cPanel. Fantastico is another paid script many hosts purchase for use and is part of added value. - Low cost multi domain hosting solutions. [Legal adult content friendly]
    Reliable web site hosting is our motto. We have Alertra stats to back that up.
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    Ahha, my bad I coulda sworn that is was opensource. My mistake, possibly I'm cofusing it with another panel.

    But as for the rest........

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