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    330 Acquires WHMXtra Special - cPanel Addon Module

    Hi Everyone,

    We our proud to announce that has acquired has SOLE-Ownership of and can't wait to develop this produt further

    WHMXtra is an add on module for cpanel servers, designed to add a little kick to WHM, adding many features you could normally only do via command line on a server or not at all.

    Purchase today and Receive 20% off any purchase at

    Click here to view some screenshots. Xtra now includes two free WHM themes, X3 and 7dana.

    Key Features ( Click for Full Feature List )
    • Free Upgrades for One Year
    • Free Support (Email, Tickets, Forum)
    • Secure Your Server Within Minutes (Allows the install and updating of APF, BFD and RKhunter.)
    • Manage Fantastico Within WHM
    • Manage RvSkin Within WHM
    • CpanelXP2004 Admin
    • Alllows You to Search For Illegal Files Uploaded By Users

    Pricing Starts At: $30/server at that price you can't go wrong, give our product a try today.

    Please visit for more information on this product.

    Thanks again,
    William Wilson |
    12 cPanel Skins, 52 WHM Skins, 12 DirectAdmin,
    60+ Plesk Scripts Linux & Windows & 70 cPanel Auto-Installers

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    We're a CPSkin's customer and purchased WHMExtra - well worth the low cost

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    WHMExtra has been very useful and has made alot of things easier on alot of companies I know.

    Good Job!
    DDoS Protected Chicago and New York Virtual Private Servers with INSTANT setup!
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    WHM Xtra is a product that actually gets better with each update. I have personally been running it on our server and have seen it on several other servers I was involved with and it just seems to make running very specific task alot easier.

    I highly recommend this product - and at such a low cost - it is worth getting it having. You never know when doing complete scan of all accounts on your server for illegal files could come in handy. Like MP3's or bit torrent files.

    Have a look at this product. I give it

    Thank You,

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    Thank you all for the kind comments We hope everyone else enjoys it also as it is a great addon for WHM |
    12 cPanel Skins, 52 WHM Skins, 12 DirectAdmin,
    60+ Plesk Scripts Linux & Windows & 70 cPanel Auto-Installers

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