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    can someone recommend a dedicated hosting provider?


    I am looking for recommendations on a commercial dedicated hosting provider. Here is some of the critiera I am looking for:

    - Affordable
    - Prompt support
    - FreeBSD
    - Excellent uptime (industry standard)
    - Good hardware (Xeon 2.8, 2gb ram, scsi)
    - Remote access
    - Dedicated box

    These may seem like simple needs, however even this I have found difficult to fullfill.

    Currently I have been looking at's 2800sd and I like theplanet's offerings and history, however I am hesitant after reading all the negative postings regarding their support department.



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    hi, elux101

    have you tried its kind of ard trying to find with the specs that you are requesting, espcially Remote access to a server, I mean there out there if you do searches.

    Good luck

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