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    Cobal Raq 4r Re-Image ISO

    I have downloaded the ISO to re-image a recently purchased RaQ4R, can anyone tell me if if the most recent iso image for the restore disk already contins all the update packages?

    I used teh disk to restore the RaQ, but after applying the second update, things crashed miserably! So I am assuming that the ISO has already had the patched applied, and the package I applied downgraded a part of the system....

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    The ISOs from Sun do not have any updates in them at all.

    You can get ISOs/CDs with updates installed from

    I would also consider putting the 550 OS on that server instead of the RaQ 4 OS. It's more up to date, and gives more features. - LAMP and LAMP+SSL HowTo - Cobalt FAQs and HowTos

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