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    considerations in selecting shopping cart

    I'm overwhelmed by the number of shopping cart options out there. I want a non-coding template solution. It is not critical that the storefront look "unique and professional," just attractive and functional. It would be great if the cart could interface with quickbooks. It seems like this is my first decision--then I can look for hosts that support that cart. Or are there other considerations first when selecting a host, and a large number of carts will do what I want? Our store will carry about 100 items that we produce ourselves. It is an online extension to a market we currently cater to locally, and we have a current static site that we will integrate the storefront into.

    Thanks! I've learned tons on this forum in the last few weeks, and people have been very patient with what are probably stupid questions.

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    You should read quickbooks documentation and see which shopping cart is supported by them,
    I do not think you will have many option

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