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    I need a credit card merchant for my web hosting company. Ive tried, but their service isnt customizable. I would like a company which allows me to make my own HTML form and not use theirs. Im just asking for opinions..

    Thank you

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    There are a lot of good merchant account options available.

    Your need to want to have your own fully customized form is really a function of the payment gateway you opt for. Most true payment gateways support exactly what you are talking about.

    For instance, you can easily create a customized order form and host it with your own SSL certificate and then pass the transaction request to the payment gateway on the back-end.

    This is easily done with gateways like Authorize.Net, eProcessingNetwork, iTransact, Paradata, Plug 'n' Pay, CyberSource and others.

    Are there any other specific features that you wanted such as recurring billing? Or any billing software systems you intend to use?

    Those can factor into the decision of which gateway to use and then you can simply select a merchant processor that offers that system as part of a bundled solution. - Trusted Merchant Account Solutions since 1998
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    Where are you located?


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    With you potentially being in the United States, you have hundred of options available to you. If you are in the US and your volume is under $1,000 a month - 2co & Paypal might be better for you.

    If you are in the US and your volume is over$1,000 a month, a merchant account and Paypal might be better for you

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    We use the Linkpoint gateway which provided us with an API that we could use to integrate with our website so the payment page resides on our server and is totally customizable. Its a great solution and we have been very happy. Merchant Accounts 4 Less ( offers a bundled Linkpoint payment gateway/merchant account solution.


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