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    SM Celeron 2.4 Takeover

    Hi, I have outgrown my Celeron server that I've had for over a year, so I'm trying to get someone to take it off my hands before the 7 day cancellation window.

    Here are it's specs:

    Celeron 2.4Ghz
    1GB RAM
    2x80GB hard disk (one free from WHT promo)
    100mbit (can be reduced to 10mbit for $10 less)
    Currently has RHE on it but can be replaced with anything you like when you get it re-imaged.

    I pay $59/month + $10 for the 100mbit port, I also paid $299 setup on this. And yes the price will be going up $10/month on August 1st.

    I will throw in the rest of July for free.

    I'm looking for $75 via paypal. Plus you will be responsible for the transfer/takeover charges and OS Reload charges from SM. Here is what they quoted me to arrange this.

    (pmcelmurray-05/13/2005 15:14:55):
    You have two options when transfering accounts:

    1) For the new owner to take over this entire account at no additional cost. You will have to grant him access to Orbit and the server. He will be able to change the contact information and passwords.

    2) If you are just wanting to transfer one server to him. The we will need to create a new account for him. The cost to transfer a server from one acccount to another is $75/onetime transfer per server.

    For both option, we will need to new owner fax a copy of the credit card and government issued id to 214-782-7800. Please reference this ticket and make sure that the coopies are legible before we can change or open a new account.

    We will also need the following information for a new account:

    First Name:
    Last Name:
    Address Line 1:
    Address Line 2:
    US State or Canadian Province:
    Zip or Postal Code:
    Voice Phone Number:
    Fax Phone Number:
    Email Address:

    Please let us know if you have any questions or how you would like to proceed.

    Also this server is in the DC2 DC.

    Please PM/E-mail me if you are interested in this server. I need to get rid of it before the 23rd or I will be cancelling it.

    Thanks very much

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    server taken

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