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    Any thoughts from individuals who use this?

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    Do a search in the Running a Web Hosting Business forum about this. There was a thread about a month ago where several people contributed positive feedback regarding this product. I prefer ACT! 2005 myself
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    we have alot of experience with SugarCRM. It is an exceptional product - both at the open source and professional level. It contains all the functionality you could possibly require - and frankly - there really isnt an equivalent available for the SMB marketspace. Typically, the only real solutions have been Siebel and SalesForce.

    Alternatively - theres another great open source CRM solution available - XRMS CRM - contains all the functionality of SugarCRM, has significantly more capabilities around client specific administrative customization features - however, it is lacking in the look and feel department. If you can get past this - it truely is a great solution...

    I prefer ACT! 2005 myself
    WOW !

    I understand ACT has its place - but, you really cant compare it to a full fledged CRM/SFA like sugar or xrms.

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    Me I love sugar Crm and I plan on writing a module for it to make it work with cpanel and WHM. Calling it sugarpanel. Reliced under the GPL

    I love the way that sugarcrm is very nice looking and themes and such.
    I really like the new version they came out with 3.5. And i love that it is GPL they are a really good pepole both on the opern source and the profeshonal level.

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    We looked at it and it's ok as a entry-level CRM system but the "teaser-ware" nature of it (the features you really want are not GPL'd and only available when you start paying monthly fees) seems a little more bait-and-switch that we like.

    I think RedHat and other companies have the right idea - sell service and support but don't make some features only available for $$. Seems to violate the spirit of the open source idea.

    If we're going to pay per seat, I'd rather use one of the existing proven products with a lot more customer support and 3rd party interfacing. Web Services - High-performance Hosting & Fully Managed Servers
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    i dislike SugarCRM, yes, it's GPL but once it got VC invest in them, now they require you to display their home page when you log in. vTiger is a fork of SugarCRM but they have break away from SugarCRM because the SugarCRM change from GPL to SugarCRM liscense. Vtiger doesnt' require you to have their homepages. also, SugarCRM doesnt' work too well with IIS with their email function. vtiger work with IIS.

    IMO, i think SugarCRM have lost it's opensource root now that money start to matter. too many hook and nook are in their current liscense. if you don't believe google it about their liscense.

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    We use Sugar here at my company and we have created an installer for them so you don't have to download all the different components separately and update them separately.

    I really like using it however, beware of a couple of bugs, but sugar support is pretty good about working with you. I think it's very fair for them to offer a price for their offering because if you need a more polished product for enterprise use, you can pay a nominal fee. It doesn't appear to be that expensive. I can appreciate the impact they've had on the space.

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