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    Suggestions for Dual Xeon hosts

    I'm currently paying about $300 to colocate my old 4u dual Xeon server -- I'd like to find something a little cheaper, and frankly, I'm rather tired of colocating, for various reasons. I've done a lot of searching on this forum, but want to make sure I haven't missed anything. Here's what I need:

    - Xeon dual processors, around 2.8gHz
    - at least one SCSI hard drive, preferably 2. I'm filling up a 36gb HD right now, so I need more space
    - 1gb of RAM
    - about a dozen IPs
    - cPanel
    - Linux, or something similar. My server is currently running RH 8.0, which obviously isn't an option anymore, but I'm not sure what is out right now that is similar
    - I'd like to have some sort of server management -- nothing too heavy duty, but I'd like to have someone who can help me if there's a major problem.
    - 500+ gigs of traffic per month

    I'd like to come in around $250 a month, or less, if possible. I've found a few places that come in around there for what I'm looking for (beachcomber, steadfast), but I want to know if there's any that I'm missing.

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    Um. I don't know how I managed to put this in the colocation forum. Could someone please move it to the dedicated forum?

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