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    Link Exchange with popular Music website

    I help run and maintain one of the largest and most active Pink Floyd websites in the world. We have nearly 2,000 registered members in less than a year with over 36,000 backlinks just in google. The website is currently averaging 100 new members per day.

    We are looking to exchange links with various "music" related websites. We receive over 105,000 unique visitors per month with on average of 1.4 millions hits per month. We have a forum with over 2,000 posts and growing each day.

    If you exchange links with us, we will place your link on every single of our 36,000+ pages on the left hand side under links. We will also host your banner for free. This could get up to 50,000 impressions per month, depending on our banner rotation.

    If you own a music website, we will be interested in linking with you. Please note the rules below.

    1. Your website can not link to anything illegal.

    2. Your website can not have anything illegal on it.

    3. We will *NOT* link to Bit Torrent websites.

    4. It must be "Music" related.

    5. NO POPUPS!!!

    If you are interested simply email [email protected] and request more information. / We Filter out the Bad Leads and Send you the Good ones!
    █ Office: (800) 959-0182 / Automated Lead Funnel Service

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    would you be interested in linking with Thanks...

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