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    EPS/JPG to Quicktime Conversion


    I was asked to convert a logo that we produced (currently in EPS format or Illustrator 10.0) to a Quicktime file.

    I have never performed this type of conversion... How do you convert an EPS file to a Quicktime file? I believe the customer is trying to add the logo to a video they are producing...

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    You can use almost any video editing software you should be able imports the jpg/eps and save it out as a quicktime file, not sure why you would want to, but that should work.

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    Thanks... I am not sure why they want to do this either...

    Would you happen to know of any freeware or trial software that could accomplish this?

    I dont want to buy something since I only have to do it once...

    Thanks again!

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    If your using a mac you can use Imovie which comes with all the new os's. I'm not sure if your using a PC.

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