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Thread: 2u co-lo price?

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    2u co-lo price?

    I have a server that needs to be put into a co-lo. it's 2U and will just be used to serve webpages/images, no IRC, email spam, or anything like that. I"ll need a burstable 1Mbps/2Mbps connection. What should I be looking at for pricing? I checked the offers forum, but those are all just dedicated offers and not colos. Preferably I want to host in the boston area, but would be willing to look elsewhere.


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    Fluid Hosting has presence in Boston.
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    There isn't a whole lot of options in Boston. There are a lot of options for colocation in the NY metro area, including northern NJ. Additionally, a lot of places offering dedicated servers will offer colocation to you if you ask.

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    I looked into Fluid Hosting, not what I'm looking for($400/month for 1meg). I've come across a few others while browsing through the offers section and am talking to a few of the providers. SMachiz is right tho, there isn't much available to us here in Boston.


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    I contacted in Atlanta today about co-locating my own 1u with them, and was apprised of their $49/mo 1u co-lo special with 1000 GB of transit. A 2u server is $10 more a month according to their website. Peering is currently with WVFiber and CyberWurx, and they stated they would be adding BTN soon. Transit is figured on the greater of inbound or outbound traffic, and with 1000 GB, (someone correct me if I am wrong) that figures to roughly 3mb of traffic during the month. I have no knowledge of their network stability as I have never co-located with them before.


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    That is one of the centers I am looking into. Seems they do(did?) have uptime issues this passed year tho.

  7. #7 Does anyone have any experince with these guys? good or bad ? I also i'm looking into them.

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