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    where can I find 100MBit cheap ?

    Hi peeps,

    Does anyone know where I can lease a server with a 100MBit bandwidth (and I do mean a genuine 100MBit/s link) Cogent etc isnt a problem.

    The server itself should be a standard Amd Sempron or similar / 1 gig ram and 2 * 80 GB IDE HDDs)

    The ideal price is (and prices I have seen around) approximatly $800. I'm also after approximatly 150 IPs on top of this (and incuring extra cost)

    As for the usage of this it is for running a *LOT* of shoutcast streams and a small IRC (private net) server.

    Anyone point me in the right direction ?



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    Most hosts will not let you use IRC because of the DoS attacks caused by it. The only one I know of off hand that will allow you to is Gigeservers.
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    That is indeed a tall order - you might be able to find something if it weren't for the IRC requirement. Though, for reliable bandwidth/server, your price is still a bit low.

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    Well the second disk isnt essential, but thats the kinda order were looking for. We would even take 50MBit at the right price

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    What about running two machines? One for the shoutcast and then another one for the IRCd. I think you would have a lot better luck with something like this. If you're going to be going with a small IRCd you could even look to a FDCServers VPS for that.
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    I tend to agree with justadollarhostin. You may even find that spreading the load will bring down the price, especially if you're buying both servers at the same provider.
    I can vouch for and, drop them a line and maybe they can help you out.
    All the best.
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    You might want to try HostQuote with your specific needs ! I mean, you need something really specific, even if you can go with Cogent bandwith.

    Good luck !

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    Check out or for crazy cogent deals. From my experience you will get better performance with servermatrix but you will also pay a bit more.

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