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    Cool broadcast from remote location

    Ok .. so I work with a promotions company for fun than anything else but this weekend we had what was supposed to be a live broadcast between two events in two diffrent countries - miami florida and kingston jamaica... problem is - i had/have no idea how to get really good bandwidth at the miami location (jamiaca's developing so bandwidth is easier to get i guess) for just one night... the idea was to have video on screens at both locations.. suffice to say we eneded up broadcasting audio only which was still a nice novelty.
    Question is.. What could i have done to have this type of bandwidth just for a night or two. I eneded up getting the verizon cdma card which works "OK" for audio but for the video, the tech @ the other location prettymuch died laughing at my connection. I looked into a v-sat yesterday but i would want it on a 'per use' basis if anything. looking forward to some feedback - we'd love to try it again perhaps in August.

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    You can typically arrange to have a circuit brought into location temporarily, but it'll be pricey.

    What sort of location were you at? I know some conference centers have high speed access available.

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    Another way: you upload the event from where you're located to any datacenter in the United States. Then have your server in Jamaica download the event and upload it to the people locally there in Jamaica. There are probably a few hosts around here on these boards that would let you utilize a connection for one night if you can afford the up front costs. If you can figure out how to get the initial circuit in (DSL, Cable, Partial T1, whatever), then uploading that to a nearby datacenter would save you a ton on bringing in your own connection to broadcast from that.

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