HiyaCorp/HostingLite Review (1 Year + and counting)

This is a follow up to my two previous reviews that I posted



Alot has transpired since my last review of this company, including the sale of the company (http://www.webhostingtalk.com/showth...hreadid=411123)

I am not a newbie by any stretch of the imagination and have quite an extensive background stretching over 25 years in network management, administration, design, setup, etc (Windows / UNIX / LINUX / Routers / Switches / Firewall / Wireless / Application development etc). The only reason I utilize a reseller account rather than a VPS or my own server is for simplicity. Hosting is just one additional revenue stream & service that I want to offer, it is NOT my full time business or line of work. My consulting company does much more than hosting.

First off, let me say that throughout my entire association with this company, even since the sale, I am more than pleased with the service, dedication and the product offering that I have received.

HostingLite/Hiyacorp has shown a dedicated approach to customer service. They offer exactly what they promise & they do it with consistency. They have been there to help out and to ensure that things run and run well.

If you read their forums you may see that some users "complain" about their service not being available, or that they cannot access a database, or that something is working and has been down for "a long time" ..... personally, I have yet to see these type of outages that these people are talking about. Some of the problems can be traced to poorly written PHP scripts, novice users, and known issues with the software that people are using. But I have written my own scripts, utilized some of the included scripts, modified some others, and have several large databases running for several clients I host and I have not experience any major unscheduled outages. There have been one or two, but these were short, and the underlying problems were solved within minutes of a support ticket being submitted.

I have dealt with the 'big players' in the hosting business who promised the sky in terms of service and support. They just didn't deliver. I went with HostingLite/HiyaCorp because I had the initial opinion "it can't get any worse". However, I can honestly say that it has gotten MUCH better.

When I compare what I'm getting for the dollar, the features are unmatched and the service IS there for me!

Even through the transition, I have not noticed any changes at all. The only thing I had to do was resubmit my subscription to paypal for the change in billing.

Are things perfect? LOL! As I've said, I'm a perfectionist! I'm big on communications and I would like to see some more lead time given on scheduled outages to allow me personally to look at how this will impact the sites that I host. As well, I would like information on what new features, services etc the new company (Ambient Solutions) is going to be bringing to the table and to be given a little update as to how the transition is going. Maybe I'm out in left field here, but as with any transition, the people involved at the lowest level (in this case us customers) tend to have the most tension because of the unknown. Not that I'm suggesting anything is wrong, but call it a "nice to know" thing.

As it stands for me, after over 12 months, I would easily recommend HiyaCorp/HostingLite. I would say that I selected correctly for my needs and that I have found no one yet that has stepped up to the plate to offer the features, service, support, patience and performance that I'm receiving right now.

Fred (while he will be missed dearly) has done a great job building this company and I can only hope that things continue as smoothly throughout the entire transition period as they are now and that things stay as they are. I've found my home for my clients and I have yet to see any reason to look elsewhere.

For those who doubt that you can get a good host for a reasonable price, I will challenge you to show me one that offers the same level of service, support, patience, comfort & features for what I'm getting now ... for a price that is more than fair.