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    IPB Mod / WHM Interfacing

    I require an invision power board modification with full install instructions.
    It must do the following.
    - Create a new control Panel (Hosting Panel)
    - Must allow hosting subscriptions
    - Allow Contests to attain points
    - Have a points system awarded using post length
    - Referrals also attain points
    - Points for post length/referrals attained must be allowed to be customised
    - 1 point for short post
    - 2 points for longer post
    - 5 points for excellent detailed posts
    - 10 points per referral
    - Communicate with Web Hosting Manager
    - Create accounts when a user subscribes to a package through the HP
    - Take away points monthly if a user is subscribed
    - Depends on a per package basis
    - e.g. 25 points taken off for Alpha Plan
    - Take away points upon subscription
    - 50 points upon signup
    - Suspend account if the points fall into debt
    - Un-suspend account if the user gets enough points to maintain account
    - Allow admins to award points / take away points
    - Must fit in with IPB templating system

    All of this must be as lightweight and customisable as possible.
    This is a relatively easy job if you have knowledge of IPB and its MySQL Structure. There is a website which already is making a mod similar to this but is unwilling to distribute it but if you do manage to make this make a license key for it. I will allow you to be a reseller of this mod. You can have licenses for this which will allow a steady income for you.


    I will pay you but if you resell this by implementing a vB type license then i assure you, you will make a hell of a lot of money because free hosting providers would definately be interested in this kind of mod. I myself will sell licenses because i want that kind of system implemented.

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    Moved to the Employment Forum. Good Luck.

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