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    email server with multiple domains

    I have a vps with, FC3 install, apache and all the extras work fine. I have no control panel except for webmin. By default sendmail was running and I was able to get it to work with the main domain of the linux box. But how do I get it work with virtual domains without having to create new linux accounts to match?

    Should i look at other mail servers? qmail? exim? How easy it is to set them up with virtual domains so I can offer unlimited pop3 and email forwards to my clients.

    I want something that has webmin support or maybe some other free panel I can get.

    I can also edit text files if I had to.


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    You can install exim but you will need to understand exim properly before you start configuring your virtual domains. Adding entries of your virtual domains in configuration files and configuring mailboxes will be tedious job and that wont allow you to give unlimited email accounts to your customers. I would advice you to have good frontend or cPanel control panel for such requirement.

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    I agree with etech, it's a pain to mess with without a front end control panel.
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    Webmin usually does the job nicely for simple stuff like that. There's also a virualmin addon which might be useful as well.
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    Qmail + Vpopmail might be worth looking into; there's a simple admin interface called (IIRC) vpopadmin, or something like that. Not flashy, but gets the job done. - offering amazingly competent email, dns, and web hosting since 2002... because someone has to!
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