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    Need script/app

    Thank you for reading. I need a script or a small app that can pull addresses and maps from the Yellow Pages website in a certain categories. I've been manuelly entering them (6000+ entries) and I'm getting a little tired of doing that. My eyes are finally killing me plus the boredom of data entry. I believe there is about 3000-5000 more but I could be wrong. I need the name of the company, address, phone number, zip, area code, website if there is one, and the map. Everything is dumped into a MySQL database. I've had someone do it but he couldn't finish the job. So, PLEASE only PM me if you CAN do the job. I don't mind if it adds a few hundred a day into the database as it will be more search engine friendly than adding it all at once.

    Please send me your quotes, the timeframe you can do it and some of your past work. Please do not send me rediculous amounts as I am not interested in paying a substantial amount for this. I've already gotten quotes before so I know what range I am looking at. The more customizable the script/app, the more I will lean toward you.

    If you have any questions, feel free to PM me. Thanks.

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    CLOSEd. THanks.

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