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    Gaming Site For Sale -

    My site - - is for sale. It will have been running for a year on the 27th july but I dont have time to run it anymore and neither does my friend.

    Its just forums but the community is quite big and has potential to grow.... The banner at the top of the page will have to stay on there until 24th september 2005 as we have been paid for the banner to be there up until that date. Unfortunately both the vbulletin and the domain run out at the end of this month.

    But as you can see we have quite a few members , posts and threads and the member base is quite dedicated. Any bids above $100 are welcome and $350 is the buyout.

    Thanks for your interest.... PM me with any queries !


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    Since it has no license and domain needs to be renewed I offer 100

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    I offer $110


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    Will moderators stay on the forum? Any paid staff? Any other expenses? Why are there 3 administrators?
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    There are 3 Admins Because, My Self and Bully run the site, and the other admin does bits of coding for us etc,

    Our sig staff will stay at the site if you stll allow them to have an open mind on the forum and you dont change it to much,

    but at the moment, not to many moderators are needed as most of the members follow the rules etc.


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    just to let you know, im 1 of the admins of the site ( Bully ) as you can see, i would be willing to help run the forumn still if needed.


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    Hey Reece, does this mean you will finally send me my final payment for designing your site and forums?

    Gamers-Frenzy Site Design

    To clarify, I designed the website and forums last October, but was never paid my final payment of $140. So since I see that the site is for sale and you will now have the cash, you can make good on your payment.

    Or if whoever purchases the site wants the buy the design as well, feel free to contact me. The site is completely coded in PHP with admin panel where you will be able to update everything on the site.

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    Ok this could complicate things then. So i take it you never sold the main design.

    We owe you $140 and yes if we manage to sell this you will receive your payment. However shall we add the main website you designed for us into this bundle ???

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    yes, you can throw that into the bundle.

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    ok the buyout has now been raised to $450. Bidding will continue from the price it is currently at which is $210. This now includes full php coded and designed website.

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    I give up, no longer bidding

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    I'm not interested in any new design, i just want the forum

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    i will stay on as a moderator for whoever wins, my board name is nEoGrAv. I was the Head Ladder Admin

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    Sounds cool... I've sent a PM to Reece, waiting for his reply

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    yea just gotta talk to bully mate

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