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    Is 64 MB RAM enough?

    I'm looking for a VPS at But I'm not sure which package I need.

    I will have about 10 web sites with mysql-databases.

    One website will have a flash/php/mysql-chat (not reloading, but streaming).

    How much RAM (main memory) do I need (Monthly Bandwidth and Disk Space are not critical)?

    Thank you!


    P.S.: Do you think that the streaming flash/php/mysql will cause a high cpu load?

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    I would asy its going to be borderline. I would recommend at least 128Mb for PHP/MySQL stuff

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    You definately need at least 128MB. I would even go for 256MB. 64MB is just way too low.

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    I have about 120 mysql databases, but one of them take more resources than 119 rest.
    All depend how intensive you use databases
    I will go with 256 MB

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    the answer is depending on your database usage and how well you understand configuring MySQL databases.

    If you simply use a default MySQL config, I sould say you would really want at least 128Meg, but if you know MySQL, and you know your MySQL usage you MAY be able to fine-tune the config to work with lower memory.

    As an example, I used to run a Radius server that used MySQL on a 400Meg Celeron with 128Meg/Ram it was doing around 100,000 MySQL transactions/day and this server Never run with a load avg of over .2

    So, you may want to try it with 64Meg, optomise the config of the MySQL server and see if it works for you and be prepared to upgrade your VPS plan if it does not work. If you don't know how to config the MySQL server go for more memory from the start.
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    The 64MB VPS's are targeted towards more dedicated services like running backup DNS servers. You will want to guarantee at least 128-256MB to allow your applications to scale during peak times without much hesitation. Does the account let you burst to a certain amount?
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    The 64MB VPS's are targeted towards more dedicated services like running backup DNS servers
    Thank you Jacob for taking the words directly out of my mouth.
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    Thank you very much for the answers. I will choose a package with a minimum of 256 MB RAM.

    @HXM-Jacob: The burstable maximum RAM depends on the package - from 1 GB to 16 GB.

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