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    Hosting Site For Sale (


    I am selling since i am moving and won't have time to manage it anymore.

    The site has been up for almost 4 months now and has 7 active clients that pay on a monthly basis.
    There are 2 free accounts that use 5gb of the monthly bandwidth.
    1 Client is hosting a PTR site and is paying 16.9$ / Month for the script and hosting.
    The site is currently on a reseller package that costs 18.9$ / Month

    Monthly profit is about 33.65$

    What do you get?

    Customized Hosting Design (Costs 75$ ).
    Free ClientExec License (Part of the reseller package)
    All Clients are on CPanel.
    PayPal Address
    Full Rights for the design.
    Domain Name (Worth about 30$)

    Feel free to post offers.
    Contact me via Pm or MSN: admin(@)
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    Do you have 7 accounts 2 of witch are free or how are they broke down between your plans?

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    We are keen to take over your paying clients.
    Get Online. Reach Worldwide.
    Check our uptime

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    can you provide a breakdown of clients and which plan they are on?

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    Plans & Payments:

    2 Clients are on the pro package, 350 MB 8000MB Transfer - 4.45$ / Month each.
    1 Client is on the Basic package, 250 MB & 5000MB Transfer - 3.45$ / Month
    1 Client is on the Lite plan, 150 MB & 2500MB Transfer - 3.95$ / Month
    1 Client is on the Lite plan, 150 MB & 2500MB Transfer - 2.45$ / Month
    1 Client is on a custom plan, 150 MB & 1000MB transfer - 16.9$ / Month (He also has a PTR script) - Will stay 2 more months and then he pays 3.95$ / Month

    They all use below 30MB of webspace.
    They all use below 10% of their monthly bandwidth.

    Total = 35.65$ / Month

    BTW, the current highest bid is 210$

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    Oh, i forgot to mention...

    Most of the accounts use E-Gold.
    There is about 1, maybe 2 accounts that use paypal.

    Also forgot to mention that there is 1 account that paid for 6 months in advance...
    He's using 150 MB Space and 2500 MB Bandwidth...


    CrazeHost Staff.
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    Hi Shreder count us out. Not interested in any clients using E-gold.

    Best of luck with your sale,
    Chris Affordable, Reliable U.S/U.K Web Hosting.
    Cpanel | Domain Name Registration | SSL Certificates.
    In business since 2003

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