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    WTB: Banners:New designer? Want to build a portfolio?

    We are in need of 10 banners of different sizes made, but on a tight budget.
    If you are a new designer who does quality work, need to add items to your portfolio, and can do it for $40 (total), please send me a message!
    Examples of exising work is a definate plus.

    We would like the banners as follows:
    five 468x60 Banners
    one 120x600 Banner
    one 728x90 Banner
    one 125x125 Banner
    one 120x60 Banner
    one 88x31 Banner

    All should be animated but not too flashy, and most preferably below 20k.

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    I can be of assistance. I have recently done several animated banners and am interested. I'll be contacting you as well.
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    we can do the banners for you

    hi we can do the banners for 60usd.. please check out some samples we do adult designs so please do not be surprised with the samples but we also have experience in mainstream web design check out our mainpage to see a banner we made for our client.. check out this site we are working on and this site where we redesigned 2 of their webpages (home page and black pirate link page)

    please contact us at aim: xpresswebstudio or icq: 311386283 or email me at [email protected] if you are interested

  4. I fit that decription perfectly and can create all your banners for $40. My portfolio is at

    Let me know if you need my assitance.
    Warmest regards,
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    I can kinda of fit it for $40. I'll do that for you.
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    Is the job taken already? if not..

    do take a look at

    That Play Site
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