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    [SALE] Amazing Hosting site + Business design package... OUTRAGEOUS PRICE!!

    Alright, since the 4th of July was two days ago, and I'm in a good mood, I have an amazing offer. I designed a website for a hosting company, but for complicated reasons they did not want/use it. So I put it up for sale, and someone "bought" it. However, while talking with the client, they opted to buy another of my designs, instead. So, I still have this awsome hosting layout for sale, and it comes with full/unique rights.

    It is fully coded, with flash menu, and a sub page.

    Sub Page

    You get:
    Both psd's.
    Coded html pages
    Flash header/Flash source file for editing
    Full rights

    The second part of the package is a business design I made.

    Now, the price for all of only [SIZE=huge]$125[/SIZE]

    This is not an auction, the first person who PM's, posts, or contacts me that they want this amazing deal gets it. Payment via paypal

    Thanks a lot guys, looking for a quick sale,
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    Both of your designs are very nice. Good Luck with your sales. 2 designs for $125 is a good deal.

  3. I love the hosting design. Great deal--should sell quickly.
    Warmest regards,
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    i agree, design is very clean and pro looking. nice job

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    Both designs have been sold! Thanks guys

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    are reselling the a design you sold to someone else with full rights?
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    no, my friend, Lorne knows And we have discussed it. Thank's for watching out though

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    No he doesn't. I just talked to him.
    I suggest you refund him.
    Idan Arbel - Arbel Designs
    icq: 8682204

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    I'm talking to him now......... and he most definitley knows, rofl.
    + we talked before about something like this, and what would happen, so, again, thank you for your input, but it's all ok

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    To clear some things up...

    I never agreed to my design that I have full rights to being resold while I still have full rights to it, so that was quite a weasley thing of mp.designs to do, but he has admitted now that it was wrong and first offered me a partial refund, and has now offered me a full refund for this design. I guess that somewhat rights the wrong in this situation.
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